Packet Classification Using Multidimensional Cutting

Year Project on Faculty of Mathematics and Physics on Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic

The goal of this project is to implement the packet filtering method known as HyperCuts as a module into the Linux Kernel, document the implementation and carry-out method's performance evaluation under generated networking traffic. The work will be modeled after the PTree filtering module implementation, where advantageous.

Mentor for this project are Lukas Kencl, from Intel Research Cambridge (link is not function) and Ludek Kucera, from Department of Applied Mathematics.


Current Status

Project Milestones

Key milestoneExpected completion
Ptree method as a pre-requsite installed and understood, as proved by a report and running of the method. 15/07/2005
Hypercuts method implemented and debugged in user-space. Code documented and posted to sourceforge. Intermediate project report document completed. 31/09/2005
Hypercuts integrated into Linux kernel and ptree. Code documented and posted to sourceforge. 31/11/2005
Hypercuts performance evaluation report completed. 31/12/2005
Final project report document completed. 31/01/2006


HyperCuts (link is not function) Article about HyperCuts (and about similar method in short)
PTree (link is not function) Web page about PTree (program with source + documentation)
ClassBench Web page about ClassBench (program with source + documentation)


Packet Classification Using Multidimensional Cutting   Copy of article about HyperCuts (and about similar method in short)






Viktor Masicek

Lukas Kencl

Ludek Kucera

updated: 27.09.2012